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What makes Bulma customizable

Bulma is highly customizable thanks to 415 Sass variables living across 28 files.

These variables exist at 4 levels:

  • initial variables: global variables with literal values
  • derived variables: global variables with values that reference other variables, or are computed
  • generic variables: for the HTML elements which carry no CSS class
  • element/component variables: variables that are specific to a Bulma element/component

Since these variables carry the !default flag, they can be assigned a new value either before or after having been imported.

Strategy #

To customize Bulma, you will need to:

  • install (or download) Bulma
  • have a working Sass setup
  • create your own .scss or .sass file

This can be achieved with:

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The official Bulma book! 😲

by Jeremy Thomas, creator of Bulma, Oleksii Potiekhin,
Mikko Lauhakari, Aslam Shah and David Berning

A step-by-step guide that teaches you how to build a web interface from scratch using Bulma.

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