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Coming from Bootstrap

See how Bulma is an alternative to Bootstrap

Both Bulma and Bootstrap are CSS frameworks that allow developers to quickly build web interfaces with ease. While they have fairly similar features, they still differ in some ways, and you might wonder why you should choose one framework over the other. This page is here to help answer that.

Why choose Bulma

Modern features

By using the latest CSS3 features such as Flexbox, and planning on using CSS Variables and CSS Grid, Bulma aims to stay on the bleeding edge of browser technology.

Simple grid system

To build a Bulma grid, you only need a single .columns container to wrap as many .column items as you want.

Easy-to-learn syntax

With simple readable class names like .button or .title, and a straightforward modifiers system like .is-primary or .is-large, it’s easy to pick up Bulma in minutes.
More about modifiers

Why choose Bootstrap

jQuery plugins

Bootstrap includes useful jQuery plugins to add interaction to your website.

Big community

Considering how long it has been around, Bootstrap has a larger community than Bulma. As a result, more tools (like theming and plugins) are available, and more questions are answered around the internet.

Internet Explorer compatibility

While 90% of Bulma works in IE11, Bootstrap has better compatibility with this browser.


Bulma has introduced some support for accessibility, but Bootstrap has strong and pervasive compatibility with WCAG 2.0 guidelines.

Made with Bulma
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The official Bulma book! 😲

by Jeremy Thomas, creator of Bulma, Oleksii Potiekhin,
Mikko Lauhakari, Aslam Shah and David Berning

A step-by-step guide that teaches you how to build a web interface from scratch using Bulma.

Formats available:
PDF Epub Mobi


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