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The .block, probably Bulma’s most important feature

Automatic spacing for everything in Bulma

New feature: .icon-text

An easy way to combine an .icon with text

Light and Dark colors, better look, larger form controls, panel colors, and more

A big update for more colors and flexibility

Light and dark clouds

Automatic variables documentation

Keeping the docs in sync

Migrating to v0.7.0

What has changed

Website redesign: clearer layout, easier navigation, better content, and much more!

A brand new look

Swimming pool

Bulma supports Font Awesome 5

No change required!

Bulma is on Patreon!

Support Bulma’s future

New feature: fixed navbar

Fix your navbar at the top or bottom

New feature: list of buttons

What’s better than one button? Multiple buttons!

Roses are red – Links are blue

What’s better than one tag? Multiple tags!

New feature: list of tags

What’s better than one tag? Multiple tags!

Bulma / Bootstrap comparison

New page “Alternative to Bootstrap”

Access previous Bulma versions

It is now possible to access previous versions of Bulma

New field element (for better controls)

A new versatile container for form controls

Metro UI CSS grid with Bulma tiles

Build a Metro-UI-like grid in CSS with the new tile element

Blog launched, new responsive columns, new helpers

Stay updated with everything that’s coming up with Bulma

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