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Progress Bar

Native HTML progress bars

Colors Yes
Sizes Yes
Variables Yes

The Bulma progress bar is a simple CSS class that styles the native <progress> HTML element.

<progress class="progress" value="15" max="100">15%</progress>

Colors #

The progress bar element is available in all the different colors defined by the $colors Sass map.

15% 30% 45% 60% 75% 90%
<progress class="progress is-primary" value="15" max="100">15%</progress>
<progress class="progress is-link" value="30" max="100">30%</progress>
<progress class="progress is-info" value="45" max="100">45%</progress>
<progress class="progress is-success" value="60" max="100">60%</progress>
<progress class="progress is-warning" value="75" max="100">75%</progress>
<progress class="progress is-danger" value="90" max="100">90%</progress>

Sizes #

15% 30% 45% 60%
<progress class="progress is-small" value="15" max="100">15%</progress>
<progress class="progress" value="30" max="100">30%</progress>
<progress class="progress is-medium" value="45" max="100">45%</progress>
<progress class="progress is-large" value="60" max="100">60%</progress>

Indeterminate #

Since 0.7.4

If you don't set the HTML value attribute, you can display an indeterminate progress bar. It's used to show that some progress is going on, but the actual duration is not yet determined.

15% 30% 45% 60%
<progress class="progress is-small is-primary" max="100">15%</progress>
<progress class="progress is-danger" max="100">30%</progress>
<progress class="progress is-medium is-dark" max="100">45%</progress>
<progress class="progress is-large is-info" max="100">60%</progress>

Variables #

You can use these variables to customize this element. Simply set one or multiple of these variables before importing Bulma. Learn how.

Name Type Default value Computed value
Name Type Default value Computed value
$progress-bar-background-color color $border-light hsl(0, 0%, 93%)
$progress-value-background-color color $text hsl(0, 0%, 29%)
$progress-border-radius size $radius-rounded 290486px
$progress-indeterminate-duration string 1.5s

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